Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Time Auditions Movie Free


(...) (...) The book I liked I did not intend to make a criticism, I am quite unable. However, I am offering a few remarks that have strikes.
1) The first, from the beginning, this is how the hero has to collect his thoughts and make a simplified list of its findings. I think it's a very scientific approach (...)
2) The hero is referred to as "man" or "it", ie that the story is told by an observer is undefined outside, either by the hero himself is without means himself. Disturbing. Until he gives himself a name.
3) Adventure rebounds in a perfectly logical. Drift hero to bestiality, his awareness and his return to the state to be civilized are very interesting and very sobering (...).
5) As a secular atheist and fierce, I really appreciate how you have set his account to God and quickly: the feeling of absurdity and emptiness of a meditation ritual baseless facing a spectator pseudo hominid. It is a stroke of genius.
6) As a Marxist I find that assigning responsibility for an ecological disaster "man" is terminated without the unbridled pursuit of profit is a simplification which dilutes responsibilities. It is true that the scale of the universe and geological wander, such niceties no longer possible and it remains only one responsible, the human species.
There would be many other things to say.
If there is a sequel I am commencing from future readers.
Michael J.


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