Saturday, November 29, 2008

Test Front Camera On Nokia E71

Word Festival Drive

(...) I bought your book and I read it. It is part of the books that I call dangerous. Indeed, when we started it was very difficult to extract ourselves for go do other activities sometimes indispensable. So you've realized that I really liked your book is fascinating and very well written. You know remarkably maintain the suspense to the point that arises constantly following two questions: What does it really? How the hero will he be able to cope?
And how the author will he also take the adventure to end? Regarding this last question, I've found great. Indeed, you leave open the possibility that your hero is the new Prometheus will enable the tribe to have the fire and therefore give rise to what should replace our humanity. I really admired.
In the rest of the book, looking for other men, ecological considerations, awareness on the part of the hero he is a survivor of the disappearance of humanity, all this is an exciting frame we follow with great pleasure (...).
Richard B.


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