Sunday, August 2, 2009

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This book fascinating first novel by Pierre-Yves Touzot has the power to take us in an extraordinary adventure which we can not reveal anything especially at risk of misrepresenting the pleasure of the reader . Imagine this: a man we know nothing of his past awakens in the heart of the wilderness in a region of the world it is impossible identify with his side a kind of capsule no bigger than his body used to transport it. That is the starting point of this tale of a wild imagination who will question the very meaning of our lives. Thousand and one finds that dot this work as it devours the best thrillers and science fiction novels. One thinks Barjavel, Arthur C. Clarke, with all these great writers who have attempted to answer why the presence of man on earth never forgetting to make us dream. The bet was crazy, we can not even riskier, and we ventured into this story as explorers from another time, machete in hand, to conquer a new world that makes us go from one surprise. Our brain is boiling over the pages and nothing can ever predict the collapse of the incredible book before its last act, confounding beauty. An author is born, for sure. Personally I did not read anything like it since long. I devoured this epic as you read Jules Verne or Harry Potter 12 years later Paul Auster. It sparked my imagination, fed me to thinking, sounds, images, emotions ... I thought about it for days and she did indeed still not really left. For the hero of this novel that does not name, at least it invents Does one measure of his odyssey, I experienced all sorts of impressions, the great strength of the book is to be interactive with the player permanently. Nature, also of primary importance here is a strange character in the sense that the author casts a particularly novel. In our precarious condition in 2009 when the landowner seem numbered years, our planet being robbed every day of his attributes, the nature of Distant Lands looks new, without limits, as in the early days of its creation. Pierre-Yves Touzot makes us rediscover as if leaving for a trip forgotten if ever undertaken since the great explorations.
It is difficult to say any more here, up to the book itself and and the pleasure of reading the epic that I also rediscovered. You understood, Foreign Land, is already on my line favorite library. BFB


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