Friday, December 25, 2009

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Unthank - Here's The Tender Coming

I waited for the new album Tender Coming Here's the Rachel Unthank & The Winterset now called The Unthank forward and I was not disappointed.
I must confess that when I saw this bag of evil Wears The Trousers when it had a news item to announce the release date of new album I had because I thought peur.Peur This attractive bag was made for attract the general public and that the new songs will not be as interesting as the album The Bairns was excellent and is still one of my favorite discs . I was wrong, and news group I reported here and were right there: Tender Coming Here's the album is actually a very warm but no less sad than The Bairns and it's not a hard bis of the latter while is no different. I was hoping
an album at least as well as the previous but in fact it is still mieux.Certains titles are really wonderful especially Sad February , Annachie Gordon, Living by the Water , Flowers of the Town and Here's The Tender Coming . The hidden track Betsy Bell out of step with the others but is also good.
Here's the Tender Coming is a great album and The Unthank one of my cult groups but that I had already said.


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