Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Are The British Wearing The Rose?

Sophie Barker - Earthbound

Sophie Barker was one of the singers of the group Zero 7 which I bought their first two albums only for a few songs sung by female voices that were really biens.Les two other singers group, Sia and Tina Dico, then released their solo albums that I bought thinking to find the same quality music that their songs by Zero 7 and I was extremely disappointed because it was free securities intérêts.Sophie Barker the time had not yet released his solo album but I was confident that his record would be very use.The years pass and gradually forget to go on his site if there are updates.
Thanks to Saab that I am reminded of Sophie Barker because she had to chronicle a disc with one song is a cover of Zero 7 as sung by Sophie . I then went on his MySpace page I discovered some nice songs on his website learn that she released an album in 2005 that I bought two weeks ago and is the subject of this message. Sophie Barker has
with Mara Carlyle, one of the most beautiful female voices I entendu.C 'is a very warm voice that works wonders on the songs of this album consists of wonderful titles that have been saved past years, some are acoustic and other written and produced with Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins). Earthbound is a near perfect album whose only downside is the song Angel with electronic instrumentation ruin complètement.Sophie made a record which is exactly as I had imagined a few years ago and I knew I would not déçu.Elle is working on her second album j looking forward to it.


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