Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Other Lizard's Can Live With Bearded Dragons

Biologist: it's a job.

Friends Biologists, hello.

By popular demand, I have temporarily abandoned a record of method validation in progress (insulin, for the curious) to come have a look at the blog. The opportunity was too tempting for this week we celebrate a national monument, a symbol of our way of life in the French, an icon that is the envy of many cultures and that tourists come to enjoy during their stay in France.
You guess what it is by reading the following paragraph:

"For its 15th edition, the Feast of Bread, which runs from May 10 to 17, with the theme" Boulanger is a profession. "Everywhere in France, the public will be welcomed by the bakers and bakers in their shops and squares of towns and villages. In Paris, the Bread Festival will be held on the forecourt Notre Dame. Plaisir friendliness, gluttony and expertise will be the watchwords of this appointment. A bakery business is on average more than 6 employees (paid and unpaid), 264 600 euros sales tax per year, 12 077 euros of investment per year. Today there are 33,000 businesses (bakeries and bakers) with 37 000 outlets, 160 000 people and 10 billion euros in sales taxes. With an average of 340 daily visits, the food shops bakeries are the most heavily frequented "

Friends biologists, this nice little description does not it makes you feel a twinge of sadness ?

Let us go further: imagine that the baguette is reimbursed by social security and that, for reasons of economy, guardianships want to consolidate bakeries. Why To achieve economies of scale, reduce the number of bakeries and pretend ensure quality and safety at any point in the same territory. How? First, by allowing central heating rods which are languishing in frozen bakers competent but who can not knead the dough as they are supplied by huge automated factories. Then, by imposing a standard international costly and difficult to implement, but without which it is now inconceivable to make bread. That may be what the bakers want to avoid organizing this event friendly (they would perhaps was not against paying for the safety of bread ... but that's another story).

So, if we replace the word "bakery", "baker" and "bread" with "lab", "biologist" and "analysis" we fall back in the news. I see that frown to this mix and begin to look for sales, skills, wages, training etc ... but we like it or not, the biologist is a craftsman and "Biology is a job .. .. "

I return to my reproducibility of insulin.

pencil in his ear.


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