Sunday, January 2, 2011

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In the Claws of the Red Dragon!

When Belmondo meets Tintin and Grendizer!
Following the adventures of Bob St. Clare , the fictional spy created by François in Merlin the Magnificent.
Unfortunately, the writer of the key problems with the "r" from his typewriter ...
In time for the title!
evokes the album cover of Tintin The Blue Lotus except that Bébel replaces the reporter and faces, not a shadow of a Chinese dragon, but that of a Japanese robot:
Golgoth 1, the destroyer of Euphor !
As for the title, it refers to an adventure Buck Danny , In the Claws of Black Dragon (the Black Dragon designating a spy ring that looks like a Japanese sect) in a story about ogling the famous Terry and the Pirates of Milton Caniff. *

* Yes, I know, "a Caniff, a small f'est fien" ...


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