Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Cheaters Korean Online

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The basic principle of this first novel is not new: a man wakes up alone in the middle of forest and must both survive and understand what is happening. The narrative is sober, well done, and interesting situations. An adventure novel very honest. The style, though not very strong, has done enough that we follow the story seamlessly.
But interest is not from here, because this basic postulate is actually an excuse to talk about ecology. The author is constantly traveling between the past and the future to consider more innovative views on ecology. Mankind Has its place on the planet? The planet is really in danger? If humans disappeared, what species would dominate the world ? What is the next step in the evolution of our species? Humanity Will it cause of the sixth extinction?
Hard, dark, uncompromising ... Foreign Land goes beyond anything I had read about, and I regularly read ... Each chapter is introduced by epigraphs teaching almost gives us the keys to understanding the theories espoused by the author. This narrative technique allows to follow the wanderings of the intellectual hero closer.
As far as I know, this popular science always seems to me very rigorous, which is not always the case in the novels of anticipation. We feel that the author was keen to meet some scientific truth, and we share it.
A trip exciting and rewarding ...

Victor V.


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