Thursday, February 21, 2008

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distant Earth: this book really captivated me, I who do not read a lot and gives up easily a book after 30 pages if I can not get into the story! There is outstanding from beginning to end: we quickly want to know what will happen to this endearing character and what has happened to his home planet.

The story is very dense, short of embellish reminders that we refer to the various scientific and philosophical theories related to the history of the earth and humanity. These chapters introduce reminders and direct us on what will happen probably in the character in the following pages: it's very clever to keep us in suspense and tell us something fundamental!

It's like in the book "Sophie's World", this novel about the history of philosophy, Jostein Gaarder, a novel which has become a kind of high schools and libraries in a dozen countries, Foreign Land could have the same impact as a novel ecological ...

Oh, I forgot: it's full of poetry! One passage I liked:
"... all around it (the Earth), living species born, surviving and vanished incessantly. At this speed, the trees had the life of a flower . The seas seemed like puddles after the rain to evaporate the return of sun, the mountain like sand dunes, windswept. Some species appeared and disappeared almost immediately.
Like a moth to us ...
Emphasis is thought the main character. We really like when we did share his feelings by telling us where he is ...

the end, it does not reveal but it's pretty nicely done, no disappointment!

Michele F., Haute Savoie


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