Friday, March 7, 2008

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debate between the two towers: March 13, 20.30, Chateau du Loir, en Récollets

The candidates first round of the cantonal election offer to give everyone their opinion on the questions you want to ask them. In these moments come from reports of votes, the voter and the voter will be able to appreciate the similarities and differences between them.

The text of organizing this meeting between two towers, currently under negotiation.


Reminder text of the open letter:

"We are 6 candidates of the Canton of Château du Loir. Myriam Feurtey-Maudet and myself, we are pleased that these various applications can allow everyone to vote in the first round closer to his convictions. Commme Sunday, March 9, only two of us will be retained in the first round of calls to support the second round will naturally occur. These possible appeals will be based on convergences and divergences of the respective programs, instructions to vote respective political parties and ideas promoted by each other. The voter and the voter will be of course a personal choice. To inform them, I propose that we organize a joint public meeting between the two rounds during which each of the six candidates will enlighten the public by responding to specific questions. "Following the agreements

candidates with the preamble:

Baumard P H P Besnard
Hérin excused, represented by P Henriot (answer on a possible participation will be provided after the results of the first round)
M Hermet (pending confirmation availability on that date)
JM Génevaux
B Pavy

The debate will be room Récollets Thursday 20.30. The room is reserved.

The terms of discussion (proposed, thank you for making comments / additions) :
- these terms of debate will be posted and released into the room
- presence of two moderators (4 journalists among contact-fm-west France, the handsfree, the small letter of the Loire Valley)
- each candidate, send a written question from the moderators before the start of the meeting
- draw for the order of questions
- for each question, draw for the order of answers, each candidate responds to this (talk time Maximum 4 minutes per question)
- moderators, using a "gong", the answer to stop after 4 minutes
- after questions of candidates, questions come from the public (same rule, 4 minutes maximum response per candidate)
- contact fm recording the debate for later broadcast (date to be chosen)

Maximum debate 2:30 pm. ______________________


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