Sunday, March 9, 2008

Accelerated Emt Course Colorado

Beatrice PA (UMP) VY elected in the first round!

Here are the results of the township in graphic form (click image to enlarge):

The percentages the laws are built on the total votes cast for the six parties attending the cantonal: ump, ps, green, pc, udf fn-modem-Besnard. For cantonal, the independent candidate (who called for Bayrou in the presidential vote) was placed on the same line as the UDF-Modem (although it does not require special). For presidential voting green and Bove have been added ... to name a ridiculous figure!

personal interpretation between legislative and cantonal 2007 1st round 2008:
- the ump
loses 8% - 7% ps loses
- greens earn 5%
- the PC has gained 2%
- the fn loses 1%
- the independent candidate is 9% better than the UDF-Modem.

Thank you all for defending the ideas of green. For us to grow the seeds sown during those Canton.

Thanks Myriam for your support.


PS For those who want specific numbers by county, click on the picture below.


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