Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How To Give A Teribal Jocklock Wegie

Words readers

is the kind of book that is hard to leave as he is taking. What will happen to the hero? What he to our Earth? On Gaia? Has there been a suicide but inevitable aware of our humanity? What are living beings who will replace (...)? Prometheus, our hero does he not allow them to control the fire? So many questions that arise, supported by environmental considerations relevant and ontological. A surfer

(...) I just finished the book (...) and I have one word to say bravo! I loved this book, and how you've demonstrated that we are nothing, the relationship with nature is sublime and we took the game from the start. I loved the way which thou hast made man that we really are and without knowing if everyone read this book it might be changing in another way ... Thank you!
Julie P.


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