Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Four new songs from Marissa Nadler Songs for III: Bird on the Water

few days ago I saw on the internet there a version of divine album Marissa Nadler Songs III : Bird on the Water with eleven songs but not five, four of more compared to the normal version and the novel called Conjuring Spirit Worlds , Daisy and Violet , Honey Bear and Cortez the Killer . By the way, before I noticed that there is another version of the cover of the disc where the "water" the album title is spelled with a "w" majuscule.Par after I went on Kemado Records , the label that released Songs III: Bird on the Water (Peacefrog Records in Europe) and Little Hells and saw that the release of Songs III they sell on their site there is a card included that lets you download all four songs.
Had I known, I bought the drive home ...


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