Saturday, March 21, 2009

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Gregory & the Hawk - Moen and kitchi

The new musical discovery I mentioned is called Gregory & the Hawk . Contrary to what the name is reminiscent of the artist is a singer (there are many opportunities I listen to a singer than to see a penguin in the desert) and it is called Meredith Godreau. Moenne kitchi and is his first album released on a label, before she had done some self-produced discs that have been successful and without record label, manager or agent.Bien it's a novelty that is available at Fnac since this month, on the Internet I saw that the album is actually released in October 2008.Imports songs on this album sound familiar but at the same time and are not really in any case very accrocheuses.La production is discreet, cleverly done as it enhances the songs, while not taking precedence over any of these are really bons.Meredith Godreau really has a sense of melody and her voice is captivating, sweet, just what it is necessary and douce.Lorsqu one arrives at the end of the album, it is surprising that this is already fini.C is because the songs are good but also because the album is a bit short (33 minutes 51 seconds). But it is pure pleasure from first to last song and we want more!
You can listen to some songs on his MySpace page or, better yet, on his label FatCat Records ("Artists" and then "Gregory and the Hawk") where the entire album is available and where it is also a presentation of the chanteuse.Si on first listen you find that there is nothing special, replay again and I can assure you that you will change radically the view (this was my case). For me it's a real favorite!


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