Sunday, April 5, 2009

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Kelli Ali - Rocking Horse

few days ago, I made a wonderful discovery through Wears The Trousers who has made a review of the new album from Kelly Ali Butterfly .
Kelli Ali was the singer's first album Becoming X released in 1996 from a trip-hop group called Sneaker Pimps . I still have the disc (with the original cover, not the second which was subsequently replaced) which was really bien.Je not remember where I heard for the first time the song 6 Underground but j 'had enjoyed it and afterwards I really tried to find out who sang it (the Internet did not exist yet). I was happy when I found the name of the song and the group and able to buy album. At the time, I liked the song 6 Underground cons but I did not listen much to other titles on the disc because they were less accessibles.Aujourd 'Today, I think It would be contraire.Quelques years later the band released a new album but it was more Kelli Ali on vocals but a singer, so I stopped to ├ęcouter.Par Later, with the Internet, I discovered Kelli Ali that made a solo album but on the merchant site where I found you could not hear the songs I have not continued my research and so I eventually forgot Kelli Ali.
I go into details because I have always loved Kelli Ali and his sweet voice and when I clicked on the link to the MySpace page of singer Wears The Trousers that gave the end of his article that I mentioned at the beginning, I was greeted by a wonderful folk song that made me draw the oreilles.Je not expecting something as magnifique.J 'I then heard the other songs were also available that extracts use.The titles were Rocking Horse, an album that Kelli Ali was released in November 2008 and I was not aware at all despite the fact that I monitor closely the outputs disques.J I bought Rocking Horse few days ago and this disc is really exceptionnel.Les songs were written by Kelli Ali during a trip to Mexico and California between 2005 and 2007 to find a new musical direction and began to learn guitar acoustique.Elle had left the big cities to live and find inspiration from the nature.Il result is a folk record magnifique.La Kelli Ali's voice is still beautiful and it was for me like a reunion with her after years of disappearance.
Last Wednesday, Kelli Ali Butterfly released a new album in limited edition consists of new songs and times of a few titles in acoustique.L Rocking Horse album is available only on the website singer and on his MySpace page. I will certainly buy it too!

PS: Incidentally, Kelli Ali did a very interesting interview for Wears The Trousers you can read here .


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