Sunday, June 7, 2009

How To Solve A Casehard Combination Lock

Evolution of votes on the township for the past four elections

Below, results for the Canton of Château du Loir, over the last four elections (first round).

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Two small personal comment:

* In view of the chart above, who said that the PS and the UMP did not decay?

* I encourage each voter in the green movement, to achieve this thrust to s'insvestir,
- in his book: a bit much, madly, not at all,
- according to their desires: in a Local Association (aspie. ..), National Association (fne, greenpeace ...), or a political party (the greens ...)
to advance ideas, and possibly what shmilblick Ecology Europe.

Sharply yours.

Jean-Michel Génevaux

PS: for those interested, details of voting common is below.

(to enlarge the image, click on it)


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