Sunday, August 15, 2010

Does Wwe Cover Their Wrestlers Travel Costs

Labmutation is dead, long live Labmutation! The new

Friends Biologists hello

the middle of August and the bottom of my laboratory I announce my intention to stop the publication of bills in this blog. The reason? Complex but I can summarize in 5 words:

"Reform kill me."

Created in fall 2008, this blog was intended to comment Reform of the French medical biology. Others have also often much better, but I thought it interesting that a biologist base gives its opinion on the issue (after all, there are many users who are spread in long pages ; about depilatory creams ... why not reform Ballereau). He had his little share of success with nearly 20,000 readers and resumption of tickets in various community sites. As an exemption, here a blog dedicated to mutual who recently cited Labmutation. But the end of recess was called. I a trade practice under conditions increasingly difficult, as many Sisters and Brothers, I head to the grindstone and not enough time for other activities. The requirement for accreditation and will need to reorganize the rolling landscape of French biology. In what state will we cope? To find out, then go in 2013. As for me, I have no choice but to (try to) prepare this deadline.

therefore Labmutation Quid? The blog will continue but with a different vocation.

I will indeed give the reins to KW will write little notes and biological techniques. Be discussed together because just imagine, Friends biologists, that in preparing for accreditation, I ask myself a lot of biological questions to which I have not answered, either in books or on the Internet or in the course of DES Interns I could cross. The "Experts" say that the answers are in the literature. Understand in articles in journals to which you can not access on-line! KW Well, try to show you what we found together. It will be less glamorous than commenting the conclusions of the Advocate General the European Court ... but the Medical Biology Is Glamour? Wide debate.

Brothers and Sisters in arms (instead of plain tubes), it was a pleasure to go the path with you.

Labmutation died. Cheers Labmutation.

Standing with a tear in the eye (... in September, will really make this assessment allergic).

PS: You can still reach me on labmutation at gmail dot com.


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