Monday, October 18, 2010

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Mara Carlyle!

Hier, Mara Carlyle a publié un nouveau message sur sa page MySpace !
Le voici dans son intégralité:


So. Fancy that. As you know, a couple of months ago I made the very difficult decision to give up trying to put out my record because this fruitless endeavour was, basically, ruining my life. Then, just 3 weeks later, in a turn of fate that will give the Chilean miners a run for their money in this year's Heartwarming Stories Awards, I got a call from Ikea. I'll let Will Hodgkinson explain, from last Friday's Guardian:

Yes, it would seem that my career has been given a reprieve by a Swedish furniture company. Who'd a thunk it?

and you can see the advert itself here (it's actually rather lovely):

So I guess there really was wisdom in letting go after all. I have to say, it feels amazing. And the phone has most certainly been ringing lately, with something of a renewed fervour, which is leading me to believe that my sweet and patient album may well get a release after all.

Thank you so much to everyone who has tweeted, retweeted, blogged or posted about my recent good fortune (special mention to Jon Snow and Helen Walters for their sterling efforts in this medium)...turns out it really makes a difference. I'm aware that my 'online presence' is shabby to say the least, and I swear I'm working on it but in the meantime all the support and shouts you guys give me is a huge help. Not sure where I'd be without it, to be honest.

Speaking of which, a big thank you to The Invisible for endowing me with the best quote EVER. I am so excited and flattered by their description of me as the 'Missy Elliot of the classical world' that from now on I may insist that I am always addressed as such.

And to illustrate this point, here's an example of me getting my freak on with Ralph Vaughan Williams:


I plan to return some of the aforementioned phonecalls and see what devilish plans the music industry has for me now.

I plan to record composer Emily Hall's beautiful 'Love Songs' song cycle with Oliver Coates and John Reid.

I plan to take a trip to New York, and maybe play my first US show.

I plan to collaborate with Sam Mason on more of his extraordinary videos: (turns out I'm an excellent face painter - who knew?)

As a great man once said: don't call it a comeback. I've been here for, quite literally, years...


We learn therefore that following the disappointments with EMI on the release of his new album, Mara Carlyle decided to give up and move on to other things and some time later the chain Ikea has called for use of his songs ( Pianni the album The Lovely ) for a new advertising and that since it is broadcast in England and which is a success surpassed 1 million views on YouTube with a lot of comments asking "what's that beautiful song?" his phone rings more often with new opportunities with the music industry and that will eventually Mara may release his new album one day.

Personally I hope this publicity will be stationed in England and it does not happen here in France because I do not want to hear mass here and wants to know the author of the song in the video! Mara is me!


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