Thursday, December 23, 2010

Antm Brazilian Waxing

Leaping like a beast ...

In The Magnificent , Jean-Paul Belmondo embodies Bob St. Clare , the best secret agent the world.
He has the face of its creator, Francis Merlin , hardworking writer who types kilometer adventures of his avatar.
As for the vile Karpof , Albanian secret service chief in fiction, he directs editions Charon in reality ... And
editor Merlin.
The film is a little unsettling: it begins as a parody (barely) extravagant films in the spy James Bond sauce to turn the setting into the abyss, where it runs parallel to the setbacks and professionals the unfortunate emotional Francois Merlin, which troubles spill over the events that saw St. Clare, to finally see a final highly delusional.
Bébel actually tons-secret agent, author missed, clown, crazy twisted (he rolls a nutcracker to Karpof / Charon before him and declare his love to flee with him in tandem!) while the film passes through the mill all the cliches of the genre (it's rather SAS is in the collimator) and c ' is gratifying.
So I resumed the presentation of the collection of Super Crime Club editions Charon (some covers can be seen briefly in the film - which The Maltese Pigeon ^ ^) that eye on the collections of SAS Gerard de Villiers Belmondo and caricatured by Bob St. Clare.
Bloodshed is a nod to the pre-generic James Bond about formula "as a frolicking fawn ...", and it takes away the figure of speech threadbare that Francis Merlin employs in each of his novels: Bob St. Clare does everything" like a wild beast. "
Belmondo starred in "The Man from Rio Philippe de Broca, one of the best adaptations of the adventures of pirates Tintin (with The Tribulations of a Chinaman in China still with Belmondo) and Rio unresponsive is the second installment of the adventures parody of OSS 117 with Jean Dujardin.
This cover is a dedication to my two booksellers Preferred François Thibault and , including The Magnificent is a cult film.


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