Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Client Confidentiality Clause Precedent

Metro, the movie you will ever see ... Fatal

And for good reason, this film does not exist, nor Roa editions that publish this character. I refer also to blog.
Cosmicman Superman is a French screenwriter designed by John King on the edge of 50s. He was censured in the same way as his illustrious counterpart Fantax.
In the 60s, in the vein of movies superheroes kind Superargo , producer De Laurentiis Tyranno (inspired by a Dino * famous.) Conceived the idea of funding this work, produced by Mario (Bava **) Saliva, with Monica ( Vitti ***) and Vitry Arson Wheels ( orsonwells ****) , Alan Kirk ( Kirk Alyn *****) and Michel ( Piccoli ******) Piccolo.
Cosmicman appears in the album Tom and William is most fitting tribute to the popular comic strip, published in recent years (with another which I forgot the title.) ** *****

* recently deceased Italian producer of Barbarella of Brain of King Kong 1976 of Dune etc..
** Italian director Planet of Vampires, The Devil's Mask, The Battle of Marathon, and Danger: Diabolik.
*** interpreter Modesty Blase in the movie Joseph Losey.
**** brilliant playwright and radio (he was the voice of the Shadow and origin of the false panic linked to his adaptation of War of the Worlds ) illustrates - and cursed - filmmaker who revolutionized film as Citizen Kane, Macbeth, Touch of Evil ... , narrator of tales of angst on television, promoter of strong drinks in ads taken many failed, etc. great fantasist.
***** interpreter Clark Kent in the 50s serial and Superman that - officially - played its own role!
****** French actor interprets the Inspector Ginko in Danger: Diabolik, film he tried to delete his filmography at any price (of danger ...)
* ****** to go to the blog author, excellent Laurent Lefevre, click in the column next.


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