Thursday, December 30, 2010

High Ferritinlow Leukocytes


Charonne Metro is one of the episodes The most famous of the War of Algeria . (Because it's official now, they say "war." In time for those who believe in an initiative a little too heavy-handed Club Med to promote destinations sunny ...) It is
related sudden death a handful of protesters, February 8, 1962, when they took part in a walkover with the Paris Prefecture corrected unexpectedly ... the course.

The survey showed that they had no ticket.

For happiness, the young Republic could, in these troubled times, resting on committed as zealous Maurice Papon, who managed to show a particular zeal for the interview - and the release - the highway when he headed Prefecture de Police de Paris.

Las men and regimes sometimes appear ungrateful to the brilliant technocrats and magistrates, probably ill-informed, made him grievance, not - among others - a certain nocturnal disturbance in 1961 (it does no good to rehash the past as saying Klaus B., a craftsman who knew Teutonic export its expertise in Latin America), but its eager promotion of rail transport when it was Secretary General of the Prefecture of the Gironde from 1942 to 1944.
(Period for which he resisted ...
the urge to resist, but it was hard.)

Indeed, he knew how to benefit from preferential tariffs on Main station (it's possible!) To entire families, who did not even ask. And
without discrimination because foreigners also - especially - were entitled to.
precursors are not always recognized at fair value and the court did not render justice to the visionary design transit.

So misunderstood that Maurice Papon died in her bed February 17, 2007 at Pontault-Combault in Seine-et-Marne. But is it not honor a great servant to have known used interchangeably, and with the same promptness, successive political regimes?


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