Monday, February 14, 2011

Does Deborah Sampson Have Quote

In Rome, do as the Roma.

Here is a very interesting message I received.
With two attachments!
I have the chance.
last I have a social life.
I'm so enjoy my friends to build the masses.

First a very interesting story about our friends the Romanians (comically titled "A little lesson in Romanian.)

We see therefore Romanians stealing cars.
We know that they are thieves because they steal cars.
Finally, they open them. is either to rob or to steal in, right?
Technically, we should say "theft from a vehicle" , but it would be too "Roma".
We know that they are Romanians because they speak Romanian (many) and the film is called "A little lesson in Romanian."
Finally, we think it's Romanian.
Me, I do not know the difference between a southern Slavic language and a vague inarticulate gibberish Italian-Mediterranean.
In any case, they giggle, because Romanian is player: always happy to play a trick on his victim.
Great kids!
So we see four ways to open the doors to central lock different vehicles, set by Romanian thieves: a tube with an infrared remote rotten (or Romanian), a lead-loo etc..
The number plates of cars are blurred way emission reporting on TF1 and M6 . It only needs the votes "then, who benefits?" and the disapproving frown of Jean-Pierre Pernaut .
TF1 The images are taken from life, how hidden camera.

Moreover, filming and why?
Is a reporter infiltrated the band ? Is
of an educational film of practical use schools pickpockets in Romania? Is
a fake ? (Or, if you prefer, a bogus story ?)

There is also a message a motorist who has narrow escape.

Imagine that miscreants have hacked his radio signal, which controls the automatic closing doors of his car.
I let him have the floor:

"One day after I parked, I closed my car with my remote and I heard myself away the door unlocks.

aback I returned to my car and locking it again. On three occasions I renewed the operation, but without success. Every time when I left, I heard the lock unlock!

Surprised and alarmed by this oddity, I looked around me and two guys sitting j'aper├žu in a car not far away.

It was obvious they were watching me intentionally and it was no doubt they were involved in this very strange.

I immediately decided to abandon the race I was going to do, I jumped in my car and I went immediately to the police station to tell them what s' had passed.

What was my surprise when I learned that I was the victim of an entirely new process, very developed, allowing offenders to break into cars parked without burglary.
few weeks later, I learned that the son of one of my friend had the same experience, He stopped at a rest area of the highway, he went to the toilet, and his return few minutes later he noticed that someone had stolen his laptop, his computer, its browser GPS, his briefcase ...... etc..

He was rushed to the Police station nearest and as there was no burglary, no signs of burglary showing that the door had been forced his complaint has been registered.

Police informed him that he had been a victim of the latest practice flight. From a new device, the robbers used to clone the security code your car when you lock with your remote.

thieves are just not there and await their next victim. They know that you're going away for a store, restaurant or the toilet, they have a few minutes to make their flight before fleeing.

Police recommend locking the doors of the car MANUALLY.
By closing your car with your key manually, you press the lock button house, that way the security code is not sent by air.

However, if you leave your car using your key lock remote code is sent over the air and can instantly be cloned and used to rob your Car

This is a very real fact.

Be aware of what you just read.
It would be nice to share this information with people you really like. "

This can happen to you!
thieves waiting nearby carpet that you are unconscious , you use your signal and hop through their remote control, they can hack the code and open your vehicle without difficulty.
And impossible to expect a refund of insurance if there has been no break!
Diaboliques Romania! (Well, yes, it is surely them z'avez not watched the movie?)

Except that here: this message is a hoax !
If you visit the site Hoaxbuster , it explains the origin of this rumor.

So, "who benefits?"
It seems that we may need to approach the election year, to raise good old feeling of insecurity. Whoever incites the restless to rely barkers rather than their common sense , who diverts attention from other issues of concern as much degradation of our environment, waste of material and human resources, labor, development of private interests on public property ... (list not exhaustive) and leaves the door wide open to merchants dreams and utopias.

So, yeah, if you receive a message like this, hop,
Meanwhile, I note that, thanks to Romanians, the integration of other immigrants (and son of immigrants) is growing.
It has new head ... Romanians.


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