Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Glimpse of reform in France: "lab" Fumel (47).

Friends, hello.

The lives of ordinary laboratories is ongoing, ordinance repealed or not. Here's a little history on the side of the smoker, a few places of the A20 (you know, the southern highway, the true ...). She is told by The Dispatch, on its website. I hope they will not mind to take verbatim article.

" Fumel. New premises for the" lab "
Very soon he have to change our habits. The property that everyone called colloquially the "lab" will leave its historic location near the "Passage". This medical laboratory was founded in 1962, current premises, by Mrs Cabassus including Mr. and Mrs. Laval had to replace. From Monday, February 28, it will be installed in brand new premises on the ZA (Zone Activity) "Porte du Quercy, Montayral Common, near the store" Villeneuve Fisheries.
The most direct access is from the roundabout recently created (before the bridge Condat), taking the road to CADAM then the first entrance on the right. Fran├žoise Hislen-Cales and his new partner, Anthony Gendrot, both doctors of pharmacy, specializing in medical biology, decided that transfer following the promulgation of the ordinance Ballereau reforming medical biology and requires a certification to laboratories medical.
current premises could clearly not meet the new requirements imposed by the order. The aim is threefold: to make the laboratory complies with the new technical legal constraints, reorder work to make it more efficient and finally bring more comfort to patients.
In this regard it is noted that the new facilities include four rooms levy, instead of 3, all located on ground floor and will also enable better quality care.

Good news

Let us not fret, the construction of the new facility is certainly good news for residents of the town as it bodes well for sustainability service and the ten jobs it generates.
Note that because of "moving" the lab will be closed on Friday 25 (from 16 pm) and Saturday, February 26 in the morning. In an emergency you should contact her physician. "

Congratulations and good luck to the team.


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