Saturday, February 12, 2011

Suzuki Sj50qt Restriction

Ballereau (3): initial analysis. Repeal of Ordinance

Friends biologists, hello.

The first shock wave passed and the weekend coming, it's time for business as we step back and try to analyze the ins and outs of the case. To my First, I am still full reflection (I'm an existential question: the timing of accreditation COFRAC Will it continue?).
However, as the old biological Samaritan of the blogosphere, I suggest you read the following reactions:
You tell me the news.
Otherwise, trying to understand the problem in all its complexity and measure forces at work, it would be interesting to consider the background (why abolish the order?), Shape (a simple amendment slipped during an evening debate in the national assembly) and timing (why now?).
If you have any tracks to your keyboards.
Bioclinical yours.



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