Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Ordinance Laboratory Medicine: Aurélie rises the niche.

Friends Biologists, hello.

I see your eyebrows raise a quizzical: Aurélie but who is? Aurelie is a 3rd year Intern in medical biology and contacted me via the blog to give me her opinion (committed) as a young biologist on the ongoing reform. It is directly concerned because next year it should perform as a professional outlook and it leaves the Ordinance does not really welcome. His speech, both in form and substance, in my opinion deserves wide dissemination. I have therefore proposed a Labmutation interview, which she accepted on condition of anonymity respected. A promise is due.
GoM. Hi Aurelie, going straight to the point, do you want? You have expressed your deep concern about the arrival of financial groups in medical biology. Tell us why.
"Biology French liberal, exercise of its practitioners, and ethical individual is an exception in Europe. It is this notion of local laboratory, the French exception that we believe is threatened by the arrival of foreign capital in the profession. Holdings of domestic and foreign financial companies, are attracted by the profitability promised by the merger of the laboratories. The sole purpose of these groups is the financial return on their investments and achieve significant profits by restructuring the heavily French laboratories. This market is worth billions of euros and is rendered insolvent by health insurance. What to ask more? And to achieve their ends, everything is good: Complaints against the French state, search the College of Pharmacists, intimidation, propaganda in the press ... to unworthy methods of so-called altruistic world of health. "
you think what consequences it might therefore be for the French patients?
"Let's be clear. By industrializing the profession, we will disconnect all phases of medical analysis, the samples will be miles away by courier to reach the place where they are analyzed, posing the risk of missing the real emergencies. Validation Organic is made from distance, biologists at the chain end will delegate responsibility and engage in all stages without really being able to control. These groupings will be a source of unemployment for skilled health workers such as laboratory technicians. New trades will appear as leaders and managers, human resource managers, sales reps, utterly useless now. Unprofitable sites will be closed or moved from downtown to industrial zones. The decline will be offset by naming an increase in volumes which involved no savings to Social Security. The major risk is the gradual exit from the scope of care by health insurance medical tests. How to accept terms that national solidarity goes supplying dividends foreign pension funds? French patients were and still are satisfied with their laboratories. You risk to destroy everything to yield to the financial lobbyists who will be real empires. "
GoM-How do you, as a young biologist, to prevent this drift?
" The young biologists, supported by all unions biologists have been received repeatedly by the government to assert the need to preserve the area of health. The preserve does not protect a corporatist vision of art. Biologists are willing-and they have proven to integrate quality, efficiency and cost control in their daily exercise when they can remain master of their decision and majority owner of their tool. An implementation decree to bridge the health professions for the legislative gap opened by Article 5.1 of Law No. 90-1258 on the current financial SALT professionals. Take this decree would be a strong gesture : It would close the possibility for investors outside the profession to circumvent the law to make arrangements allowing them to hold up to 99% stake in laboratories. "
GoM-Wide Program! This decree is claimed for 10 years and so far only lawyers have managed to obtain them. What do you expect concrete for 2010?
"That the state is committed to us. It makes every effort to move towards an exercise practitioner, independent and ethics for our generation. He gave France a chance able to maintain this network of laboratories proximity that every French person may safely find a testing laboratory, and, above all, an expert, passionate about his craft, able not only to perform the required laboratory tests, but especially to inform, advise, reassure or alert their doctor if necessary. Biologists are trained practitioners tray 10. Their professional liability is incurred through medical procedures they perform. They want and need to stay in charge of their management and their investments, their concerns being essentially different from those of even Financial. France can and must assert its model except that some European countries recognize envy. In these countries, the pressure of holding companies is such that it is impossible to return to a more human biology. Do not commit the same mistake. "
GoM-Ok but when you have the opportunity to express your claims to the guardianship?
" Well dear GoM, you Labmutation excluded. This Saturday, March 27, a roundtable was organized by the FNSIP Ballereau with Michel at the Faculty of Pharmacy Paris V (4, avenue de l'Observatoire Paris 6th - 14h to 15h). Mrs Bachelot promised to participate in video conferencing. Young biologists will have a great opportunity. "
GoM (nostalgic) - I'll be there but alas not I count on you to keep readers informed of the blog.
" Promised. Leave your smartphone lit "

Friends Biologists, the succession is assured, but indeed a pity that the former prefer to sell their laboratory financial groups. Keep in touch.



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