Sunday, March 21, 2010

When Men Grow Their Pinky Nail

Why do they need a (real) medical laboratory close to home?

All women need a medical laboratory near their home or their workplace. Why? Because Social Security is formal, it is the first-consuming analysis. Not for pleasure but out of obligation.

You're skeptical and you want examples, either. Who often require a urine test or a pregnancy test? Women. Where are they going to do? In the laboratory the corner. I'm not talking about the various hormonal explorations they must achieve and sometimes later analysis which at one time or another need their children. I forget to mention the mandatory assessments of pregnancy and those prescribed by gynecologists during menopause. I'm also missing some long-term illnesses like autoimmune often affecting women and require regular review.

course, you say, but a good collection center would it not matter? No, a thousand times no because experience showed that often the biologist and physician work together and discuss the results of their analysis of patients that would be technically not possible if they are dealing with a collection center that sends anonymous testing to a large plate technique. Speaking biological jargon, the post-analysis would not be optimal.

Ladies, come in your lab area and ask to talk to biologists. They will welcome you and explain why the profession (and therefore your access to care) is threatened.

(put flowers in the waiting room)

PS: I shed a tear for the ninth grand slam. Bravo guys!


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