Monday, March 22, 2010

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Novescia debauchery a pillar of SDB. Women

New just drop it and already stirred the mainstream of biology, even though the profession is experiencing a painful reorganization. One of the elected National SDB, biologists largest union, has been hired as spokesperson Novescia group.

The press release issued by the group (whose CEO is from the General Health) insists on union responsibilities of the biologist. Many brothers and sisters moved away are considering that this is a real conflict of interest.

" Novescia TM joined the group as director of communications.
Novescia is the French leader in medical biology , consisting of laboratories medical biology throughout France. Born in 195 .., MC is a biologist, a former internal medicine at the Hospitals of Paris, former student of the Master "Management and Health Policy , "at Sciences-Po Paris.
He opened his own laboratory in 1988. In 2003, he participated in the first merger of clinical laboratories in Paris.
Since 1990, MC was also the spokesman and one of the main body of elected union biology. In this context , MC has initiated an action and reflection on the evolution of public health policies in general and of medical biology, particularly "

For now, the bathroom did not communicate on the subject and we do not know at the time of this writing if the biologist will resign from his union duties.

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