Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Infection Behind My Lip

Medical Biology: An alarming disagreement looms on the horizon.

Friends Biologists, hello.

There really is nothing to rejoice because of medical biology through a bad time sacred. After the establishment of a "resistance" in the form of a petition by a fraction of biologists who do not want to be clear (see post ), an obvious conflict of interest within the main union of biologists (see post) that is a union hospital and clearly expressed in words-say-unkind comment on the petition cited. This is the message that the union president I reproduce below, but which is available on the site http://www.snbh.asso.fr/ :

"I ( sic) you should be grateful not to sign the petition" biologistesencolère "flowing. This petition comes from members, the most conservative and reactionary, a private syndicate that have only one objective, nothing moves, nothing changes and nothing evolves

... These are the same people who, during the consultation meetings which were held at the Department since March 2008, have nothing denied or criticized (with the exception of the opening of the capital) but are catching up in the dining-out decisions to freeze that does not suit them, it worked very well with the direction of the social security system to block any changes in NABM as the introduction to the nomenclature of analysis BHN.
But these practices were not enough this time to block the publication of the order, hence the letter "anonymous" and the petition of the same name!

With this reform the hardest part is ahead of us but certainly the most exciting too. We produce a high quality bio-medical, do not be afraid to prove it. we will all, we biologists and our teams grow from this challenge. The

Chairman of SNBH

I am very surprised by this message on both the form and substance and it is the first time I see professional unions settle the account in this way by Internet interposed. If it is a manipulation, timing is well chosen, that is to say, just before the release of certain regulations in April (as the announcement of the addition SDB on its website but also and especially the passage of the Ordinance before the Parliament (April 15).

The ancients said in Latin "divide et impera" divide and reign, which Wikipedia describes (sorry I Culture I can) as a winning strategy to reduce concentrations of power in elements that individually have less power than that implements the strategy.

Question: Who implements the strategy?

PS: Thanks for the info Totsaki.


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